Latte Mix - Vanilla
Latte Mix - Vanilla
Latte Mix - Vanilla
Latte Mix - Vanilla

Latte Mix - Vanilla

Latte Mix - Vanilla

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30 servings / bag


A comforting blend of sweet vanilla in a rich and enveloping latte. The drink is basically vegan if you do not add any properties. Add the properties of your choice according to your needs.


Organic sugar, sea salt, vanillin, organic Madagascar vanilla, and organic natural flavor.

+ any properties selected

 Our product may contain traces of nuts


How to make the perfect latte :

1. Add 1 teaspoon of powder to a cup

2. Add a splash of hot water and mix

3. Add 200ml to 250ml of milk of your choice

4. Add sugar if desired

Note: For an iced latte, add the ice before pouring the milk of your choice.

Here are the facts!


How to make your latte?

Follow these steps below


If you want your latte to be vegan, make sure that when you personalize your latte, you do not choose marine collagen, omega 3 or Probiotics.

*It is possible that you receive a bag mentioning collagen on it, don't worry... It's only a printing defect.

Yes, our latte is gluten free.

Basically yes, only matcha contains theine. We recommend you to select decaffeinated and to not add any properties for the health of your little baby.

Some of our products contain sugar, look at the ingredient list on the product page to see the content

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